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Ah, my favorite page that allows me to ramble on about who I am. But let's be honest, you really want to know about Jack'd Brownies and the 411 behind this, frankly, awesome business. WHAT IS A JACK'D BROWNIE? Answer: The best dang brownies to cross your lips other than brownies baked by your Granny. They aren't protein "jack'd" or the "magic" brownie of the 1970's. These treats are full of sugar, fat and no regrets. The combination of your favorite snack cakes, cookies, candy bars, and treats with a delicious brownie..... That's what makes them Jack'd. Plus, you should see the baker - I'm not a small fry. HOW DID JACK'D BROWNIES GET STARTED? Answer: Starvation! For Real! If you know anything about competitive bodybuilding, you know the lifestyle we live day in and day out. When we eat a "cheat meal" we want the best of the best. Something over the top and worth every sacrifice we put into looking "Jack'd". WHO IS BEHIND JACK'D BROWNIES? Answer: Me, The Bodybuilder Baker in the picture. I am a mom, wife, bodybuilder, business owner and the person who believes everyone is capable of great things. I started this business at age 45 without a clue at what I was going to create. If that doesn't scream "Anything Is Possible" I don't know what does. If you read the About Page, Thank you. You're an awesome human.

Inspired By Bodybuilders
But Built For Everyone!

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