So Good Brownie Box




Looking for not as much temptation?

So Good Brownies and Blondies are our Original Jack’d Brownies recipes but not so Jack’d.

Each piece weighs 4 oz and is considered 2 servings for the weak. It’s 1 serving for the strong 🤣

We’re offering our retail product in an assorted box.

This round:

King Cake Traditional Blondie – Vanilla blondie with Cinnamon filling, brown sugar Poptarts and king cake frosting and sprinkles. DON’T EAT THE BABY!

PB&J Goofy Goober- Our popular #peanutbutter blondie with grape Poptarts and strawberry jam, topped with a Reese’s White Chocolate PB Cup.

Cookies and Cream – Dark Chocolate Brownie with Oreo cookies and white chocolate chips.

PB Cup – Fudge brownie with Reese’s PB cups and Reese’s Pieces.  Very popular 🫶🏼


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    Inspired By Bodybuilders
    But Built For Everyone!

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